• Torque to Spreadsheet
  • Simple, easy, budget-friendly way to capture torque readings
Torque to Spreadsheet on the left showing a reading of 8.602 In.Lb. and corresponding output in the Excel spreadsheet on the right.
Easy plug-and-play connection automatically detects devices on COM ports.
Flexible output options for readings per row, information to output, starting, stopping, and new rows.

If you're recording torque readings manually from a single device, there's a better way: the Torque to Spreadsheet application.

Priced to be budget-friendly at just $165, this program is a snap to use. Just connect your device to your computer and our unique plug-and-play feature will discover your device automatically—no hunting across ports for the correct device, like some of our competitors. Open Microsoft Excel, position your cursor in the spot you'd like to record your reading, and start measuring!


  • Choose the number of readings per row in Excel.
  • Start a new row from within the application.
  • Start and stop spreadsheet transfer from within the application.
  • Send just the reading, the reading and units, or reading, units, and memory location.


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