• Single Channel
  • Capture, visualize, manage one channel
Single Channel dashboard
Main readout panel lets you toggle units, set peak method, clear, and take measurements
Built-in graph shows target, customizable high/low limits, and results of each run
Easily manage readings for the current run, save and export to Excel, and add new runs.
View, manage, and export all runs from one view.
Export Excel automatically graphs multiple runs

SMD-SC (SMD-Single Channel) application includes the features of SMD-TTS and also provides launching and exporting of data to Excel, create live graphs, control tester parameters and allows data edits.

This program shows live graphing as well as allowing user to run multiple Runs and overlay all the readings from different Runs on the same graph for comparison.


  • Include all of SMD-TTS features
  • Remote Control the Tester from PC software (this feature is required to connect PC with our Digital Transducer).
  • Record Readings and show Live Graph
  • Export all the readings into Excel, along with graph, in 1 convenient button.


Related Software Applications

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