• Dual Channel
  • Capture, visualize, manage two channels at once
Dual Channel dashboard
Main readout panel lets you set axes, toggle units, set peak method, clear, and take measurements
Built-in chart plots two channels against each other for multiple runs
Easily manage readings for the current run, save and export to Excel, and add new runs.
View, manage, and export all runs from one view.
Exported Excel automatically plots two channels against each other for multiple runs

SMD DC(Dual Channel) application includes the Cert Manager,the tab that facilitates performing calibration of tools and transducers, exporting certificates with data to Excel for printing and archiving.


  • Include all features from SMD-Torque To Spreadsheet and SMD-Single Channel
  • Provide a database of Test Setup that allow user to define a Test to run on current Tool.
  • Comes preload with Industry standard Test Setups such as: 3 points (20%, 60%, 100% of Full Scale), 5 points (20%, 40%, 60%, 80%, 100%), etc.
  • Export raw Datas to Excel file or to Cert Manager to certify a Tool.