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  • External control through your PC
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The AWS Tools application provides a user with the ability to use a PC as a torque tester/display for AWS testers that support external control and data acquisition, as well as AWS digital transducers directly. Analog transducers can be used with the Tools application via an AWS analog-to-digital module.

Tools v2 provides functions allowing complete, pre-configured and guided testing of specific tools as well as manual testing with all testing parameters adjustable and set by the user.


  • Simple, "single-field entry" enables use with a barcode scanner to recall and set up tests.
  • A database for storing and recalling tool configurations and automated tests specifically for that tool.
  • Support for tool templates to reduce time in the creation of tool entries for multiple instances of the same tool model.
  • Single-channel test configuration for common cam-over type tools like click wrenches, torque screwdrivers, etc.
  • Dual channel operation for testing pressure-driven tools like hydraulic wrenches and pneumatic multipliers; Tools v2 can capture and correlate both pressure and torque readings simultaneously.
  • Automatic test transducer selection.
  • Permanent storage of test results.
  • Test results data can be exported and then imported into an Excel-based certification template (provided).


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