Our Products
AWS produces innovative, value-based torque and force measurement equipment.
Made in the U.S.A.AWS products and systems are designed and manufactured in San Jose, CA.
Wide Calibration RangeTest, validate, or certify all of your torque tools from 10 Ozf In to 50,000 Lbf Ft.
Custom SolutionsCustom applications often require custom solutions. Contact us for assistance with any of your torque applications.
Get More Out of Your Products
Enhance your testing with our software applications for processing and archiving data.
Affordable Way to View Live Results

Torque to Spreadsheet (TTS)

Our SMD Torque to Spreadsheet software application enables display of live results on your PC, fast export to Excel, and setting of limits.

Powerful Analyzing Capabilities

Tools v2

Our SMD Tools v2 software application turns your PC into a torque analyzer. Create files for repetitive testing, test multiple channels simultaneously, and export data to create testing or calibration certificates.